Other than the credo of the provo's, a movement that inspired me to do business the way I see just, Imaazje is also the name of the company i founded in 2005. I vowed to bring creative projects to the table, whether they are proposed by an aspiring and talented director or by my own writing. Doing commissioned work, I manage to fund the projects I love doing. Imaazje offers to present and support these creative works professionally and provide assistance in the form of production services and camera equipment.
The industry is changing rapidly and for the better, as it will soon be democratized for those willing to push it to the next level. That I believe. As for the industry, try it out for size, explore the limits of the medium and yourself. Meet others who are alike. Gather your own resources as you try and stay light on your feet. Avoid any political party planning and stick to making films. You've just read a mission statement I tried to keep to in my journey as a cinematographer, director, writer,freelancer, editor, teacher, coordinator, producer.

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selection of past projects


All equipment listed can be rented out, both with me attached for cinematography (or camera assistance) as well as sole rental. If you’re interested and would like to inquire about pricing, send me a mail. NOTE: I can offer considerable discounts on any of the items if you hire me as cinematographer for a project.

Camera equipment
  • RED Scarlet X
  • Sony EX1 + 35mm adapter
  • Zeiss Contax 18/28/50/85/100
  • Zeiss ZF 25/50/85
  • tripods/handheld rig
  • Follow focus/Mattebox/15mm support
other equipment
  • 2x 800W lighting package
  • 4x small LED panels
  • flags/filters/grip accessories
  • 6000W and 2000W putt putts
  • PC workstation for 1/2 res 4K realtime playback/Adobe Suite/DaVinci

current projects

Show me where the bullets go

Once in a while you bump into music that instantly grabs your attention. You stop what you’re doing at that moment to not let the sounds pass you by, like taking the time to look at a good piece of art at a museum. (more…)

Engine #09 – a non-budget shoot

engine #9 bts
I love ambitious projects. So much so that I still get sucked into the world of non-budget filmmaking. It used to be an excuse for the good ‘ol’ portfolio, but really, who needs that when so many people are getting into filmmaking nowadays, some of them really talented. We need to get stuff done, and “stuff’s getting better every day”. Beggars can’t be choosers so here I stand, in a forest across the borders at -7 C.


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Phone: +31 6 49313615

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